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  • Business Model Innovation
    Companies, large or small, often feel stuck between the urgent need to be different (inside and outside) in the market and the fear of long and costly change processes that are needed to get there.  The Business Model Innovation allows every member of a company to re-think – sometimes slightly, sometimes significantly – the way their company will organize itself to capture and create new, more or better value.

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    What makes our Business Model approach unusual is that it is a visual, intuitive and design-based approach. We encourage working with the existing members and assets of an organization.  It provides common language and objectives across all roles and sheds a new light on the opportunities. It only requires curiosity and an open mind to deliver effective action plans.  We trigger the curiosity among participants and, thanks to its practical design, quickly build up the ability to be creative and better at what you do.


  • Strategy One Pager, aka OGSM
    Our OGSM- approach is a road map of how you change your business and defines the strategies AND actions you need. It shows the paths to the future and milestones along the way. It is meant to bring alignment between departments. It enables organizations to make clear and transparent choices. OGSM defines an organization’s aspiration that engages employees and enables CEOs, directors, manager to successfully lead their organizations into the future.

    The advantage of our OGSM over classic Strategy development is that our process includes defining the link between the vision and the actions. It’s dynamic strategic planning. It is a road map  with clear measures and responsibilities and provides a filter for future initiatives. Our approach takes clients to the front line of change and helps them develop game changing strategies. This makes OGSM a useful communication tool to engage the wider organization and focus people’s attention on the innovation challenges ahead.



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